If your remote control does not work


  • Remote Control is unresponsive
  • Remote Control only works in certain positions/areas
  • Remote Control functionality is laggy/sticky

How to diagnose the problem:

  • Step 1: Verify the batteries are charged
  • Step 2. Determine if this is a problem with the remote control system or one particular input (ie Cable TV)
    • A good way to test is by selecting another input such as "Apple TV" and try navigating with the remote
  • Step 3: If all other inputs work just fine, we can determine that the device in question (ie Cable Box) needs to be rebooted or the IR sensor has been knocked off the front of the device and needs to be re-positioned.  Proceed to Step 4 if this does not fix the problem and/or if all inputs are having problems.
  • Step 4:  If all inputs are having problems, go to your remote control antenna and check for RF interference.  Ensure that the "RF" light is completely off (even a little red glow is enough to freeze the remote control system).  Move the antenna around to resolve interference:



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