Nest: Spring-time Tips + Tricks

For those of you with Nest Thermostats, check out these tips for Spring:

  1. Set your Away temperature to “Off”. If you don’t have pets or plants in the house, turn your “cool to” Away temperature up (to 85° or 90°) or off completely. If you want it to be cool when you get back, just turn the temperature down on your way home with the Web or Mobile app.
  2.  Let temperatures drift up in the afternoon. The afternoon is the most expensive time to have your AC running, so make sure to set Nest to a high temperature in the afternoons, especially if you're not going to be home.
  3. Remember Nest will learn a new schedule. When you switch from heating to cooling or vice versa, Nest will start learning a new schedule, just like it did in its first week. Take advantage of the start of a new season to lock in good habits early: look for the Nest Leaf every time you change the temperature and turn the temperature up as you leave the house.
  4. Choose a wide range. You can waste a lot of energy turning heating and cooling on in the same day. But if you have to switch between them at least once a day, you may want to use a range schedule to do it for you. But be aware that range schedules can be wasteful if the range is too narrow. For example, a range from 68°-78° will use a lot less energy than 70°-74°.
  5. Check your Energy History. It'll show you when your air conditioner was working and help you spot places where you could use less, especially during peak hours.


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